As the introduction of the world famous anti static bar manufacturer and supplier, their anti-static bars which are also known as the ion wind bar is one kind of fixed special equipment that could help to eliminate static electricity. It belongs to the bar-type static eliminating products. This product has the advantages of simple installation, high security and stability. It could be particularly suitable for using on a variety of winding machines.

Ion anti-static bar can produce large amounts of air mass with the related positive and negative charge which could better eliminate all charge on the objects which will pass through the ionizing radiation region. When the objects brings with the negative charge, it will attract positively charged within the radiation zone. When the objects surface bring with the positively charge, it will attract the negatively charged in the radiation. So, the static on the surface will be better eliminated.

The characteristics of those anti-static bars could be concluded into the following factors.

First, it could better eliminate the static on the objects quickly.

Second, the working situation of this device is stable and safe.

Thirdly, this device could be easy to be installed.

Fourthly, this ion anti-static rod has the good grounding protection and consumers do not need to worry about the security problems.


Anti-static bar/ionizing air bar for bag making machinery for sale, ATS-8kv,9kv,10kv ,12kvpower supplyis supplying the electronic power for static charging. Because of different output voltage there are 3 types power for this product. People who want to know more information about this device could directly visit our website by the following information.